About the Artist and Statement

Who am I

My name is Debora and I’m a Mexican artist based in San Diego, California, selling my original art and doing commissions all over the world.

With energy and determination, I work hard every day. I enjoy playing with different colors, exploring new techniques and refining my art---a process that I love. 

My art is a reflection of my life. It just goes to show what you can do with a small idea and big dreams.

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What I do

I create one-off original paintings; lovingly crafted, exquisitely detailed and filled with an honesty rarely seen in today’s disposable marketplace. For the past few years, I've been focusing on exploring abstract and contemporary ideas and mindsets. I explore the human condition in its most natural form and behavior. Rather than depicting humanity as the way we see it, I demonstrate its inner emotion, intricacy, and how that plays a role in everyday life. I use abstraction and imagery that allude to human emotions in order to point to a time which we have felt an innate need to leave our individual mark in this world. 

By experimenting and having a conversation with each painting, the story begins to unravel, forming unspecified messages and secret places more illusionary than authentic; People more commonly found in dreams than in reality.



How I do it

I work very hard. Every day in fact. You cannot achieve something great if you sitting all day waiting for something to happen. This is the reason I am here. I found the one thing I am good at and my reputation is growing rapidly because of it.

My approach to each and every piece I make is different. There is no recipe or process to guide me. Inspiration comes from many places. Each mark or brush stroke leads to the next creating unexpected surprises. Each painting has distinct colors, marks and compositions; I paint with mixed media and all kind of materials. From gold leaf, acrylic, to oils, cold wax, inks and dry media.

Originals are never replicated and I don’t do prints of anything. What you see is exactly what you get. Every paint stroke, every photograph and every last bit of this website is done by me. All of my paintings have been developed with the highest quality archival materials and technology on the market. I believe in high quality, custom size offerings and excellent customer service which is what sets me apart from my competition. All of my paintings are made with archival medias because I believe art should not only look but last a very long time.