About the Artist

    I am an admirer of nature and its behavior; it’s colors, lights, reflections and movements. Its beauty and how it emits a sensation of peace, makes me a witness to a moment I want to share.
    Rather than painting nature as it is, I portray it with simple compositions using different acrylic painting techniques, experimenting with colors, and acrylic mixes using gold, silver, and copper leaf to reveal the harmony and the beauty of nature.  I like the use of color and its substance as well as experimenting with them. The essence of my art is born and inspired from my personal motivation and the decisions I make.
“Quiet is peace. Tranquility. Quiet is turning down the volume knob on life. Silence is pushing the off button.
Shutting it down. All of it. - ” Khaled Hosseini



Debora Levy was born and raised in Mexico City, where she studied Art History and began her career as an artist.
In 1999, she moved to San Diego, California, where her career as an artist continues.
Individual and Group Exhibitions and Awards:
2019 Selected by Magazine Contest Publication at Circle -Arts
2019 Selected for finalist Award in Exhibit in the World Wide Art and Artavita Pavilion
2019 Honorable Mention Award at San Diego Country Fair – Exhibition of Fine Art
2019 First Place Award at the San Diego Country Fair – Exhibition of Fine Art
2019 Spotlight 13 Contemporary Art Magazine
2019 CFA Artist of the Year Award Certificate of Excellence
2018 Selected for Juried Exhibition at “Athenaeum” San Diego California
2018 Selected for Lewis Exhibition, San Diego California
2017 Exhibition “Limited Edition” Gallery of the Modern Art Miami Florida
2015 Selected for Juried Exhibition at “School of Arts“ (Honorable Mention)
San Diego California
2013 Exhibition Lyceum space, San Diego California
2010 Exhibition Athenaeum School of Arts, San Diego California
2001 Exhibition “Ladies Fashion Show” SDJA, San Diego California 
2001 Exhibition “Coalition of artist” en Del Mar Center, San Diego California
1997 Exhibition “Festival de las Artes” Centro Social Monte Sinai, México City
1997 Exhibition “Expresiones” Art Gallery CDI, México City
1992 Exhibition “Valores del Arte Judeo Mexicano” Art Gallery
Pedro Guerson, Mexico City
1992 Exhibition “Color, Forma y Figura” ITM, México City
1987 Exhibition “Instituto de Cultura Superior” México City

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